And in today’s ‘celebrity’ VPL news…

Is that a bottle of Domestos in your pocket or are you... you know the rest.

Shakira’s boyfriend – who is famous in some parts of the world but whose name escapes us: Gerard something? – waiting for her at the airport.

And that concludes today’s ‘celebrity’ VPL news and we would like to say about Spain, don’t you just love a country that would put a man’s erection, albeit concealed, on the cover of a magazine!

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And in today's 'celebrity' VPL news..., 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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One comment to “And in today’s ‘celebrity’ VPL news…”

  1. I saw that VPL news 2 years ago!
    I should have popped a note through sorry.

    And what’s with the ??? and the arrow pointing at it Cuore?
    Piqué tiene una erección!

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