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Leave it to Virgin to come up with the snazziest on-board safety video…

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The only scary picture we’ll be sharing with you this Hallowe’en…


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Who wants to see Geri Halliwell’s new video? It has gays and bears and swear words!

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Kate Moss, John Galliano, British Vogue, and an explanation.

Kate Moss, John Galliano, British Vogue, and an explanation.

‘The scene is set. I lean into Kate’s ear. “Can you keep a secret?” She is charged, the berry stains on her perfect mouth and like a butterfly she alights and hovers into the perfect position, feeling and finding her light I am now feeling so much love in this studio that it takes me back. Her only script is the dress she’s wearing.’

Well it all sounds like bollocks so it must be good.

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And in today’s sports news…

Mucky pup


And that concludes today’s sports news.

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This is what London looked like 350 years ago. We can smell it from here.

Remember the days when you could leave your back door open and only get your throat slit by a rag ‘n’ bone man high on snuff and gin looking for a stuffing for the worst pies in London while flicking off to an artist’s impression of Nell Gwyn’s orange? Happy days.

Now you can get all misty-eyed with this fly-through of 17th Century London, thanks to some clever chaps and non-chaps over at De Montfort University who created this award-winning 3D ep’ of Location, Location, Location focussing on Pudding Lane just before the Great Fire of *checks notes* London in 1666. Which is no relation to the year England last won the World Cup, which people really need to get over.

Using maps at the British Library, software by Cyrtek (we have no idea what that means but it’s forcing us to believe it) and signs from actual inns and Burberry boutiques as featured in Samuel Pepys’ laugh-a-minute diary – ‘We couldn’t put it down!’ said Grazia – the project has just won the Off The Map competition.

And if anyone’s come over all Daily Mail and is thinking, ‘Ooh, didn’t we have it better back then. The country’s gone to the dogs!’ then just imagine wandering under that Tudor gem and a wad of shit landing on your syphilitic weave. Charles II was a hoot, though.

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If you build it, they will come.

If you build it, they will come.

That was the first headline that came to us.

This church belongs to the Christian Science (Contradiction in Terms) Society and is in Dixon, Illinois. When seen from above – which is way up there – it looks like a penis with a bend in it and one hairy ball. When the fire hydrant goes off, it looks like it is ejaculating.

You can’t make this shit up, but you can build it.

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Selfie du jour


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