Miley meet Sinead. Sinead meet Miley.

Some comments…

Sinead is SO much better looking than Mucky Miley.

Miley needs to get rid of that saliva. And that lipstick. And that snot.

Sinead should sue for breach of copyright.

At least no tongue came out.

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Miley meet Sinead. Sinead meet Miley., 6.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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2 comments to “Miley meet Sinead. Sinead meet Miley.”

  1. Shinayd may be as mad as a box of hair, but:
    a. She’s not afraid to preach to the unconverted.
    b. She puts her money where her mouth is. At the disposition of others.
    c. Her version of Nothing etc never fails to move me.

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  2. And, following Tilly’s lead, compared to Sinead, Miley is mad as a box of hair, but:
    a. She’s useless
    b. She’s annoying.
    c. She’s useless. (Oh I said that one before. Well she’s very useless.)

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