Five-star homophobic cunt Amanda Platell feels bullied :0(

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Portly Australian ‘journalist’ Amanda Platell, the woman who likes to start sentences with ‘Most of my friends are homosexuals but…’ is feeling a little under attack this week. We know. It’s sad.

What happened was, her newspaper, The Daily Cunt, the one that supported the Nazis right up until the last minute but still thinks it has a corner on speaking for Britain, had a little altercation with Ed Miliband last week.

Something about his Royal Navy-serving, Jewish immigrant father hating Britain because he had left wing views. Something and nothing that included a nice shot of the man’s grave with a joke and culminated in The Cunt sending some journos down to Ed’s uncle’s memorial service to see if they could stir any more shit. You know, storm-in-a-teacup stuff. Nothing unusual for The Cunt and The Cunt on Sunday. Just another day in the office. After all, it’s not like this is a free country or anything where people are entitled to their own political views. Even if they are dead.

But Amanda, whether off her own fat back or under instructions from that nice Dacre person, took to her column to repeat some other people’s opinions about Miley Cyrus, condemn Gwyneth Paltrow for wearing a daring jacket at the age of 41 (while running a large racy shot of that daring jacket) and to reiterate the message ‘We won’t betray our loyal readers…’

Apparently, people come up to Chunks, not to slap her but to tell her that they love The Daily Cunt and to tell her that ‘it speaks for them at a time when they feel they have no voice’. Those poor people. Some of them run B&Bs, you know.

‘I can assure you all that we will continue to fight for you and those precious values. Fearlessly,’ she said. ‘Despite the vicious attacks on our newspaper this week…’

That poor Daily Cunt. What it has to put up with, eh?


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Five-star homophobic cunt Amanda Platell feels bullied :0(, 10.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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