No, it’s not The Nolan Sisters on a reunion tour, it’s yettis on the Tube. Phew, right?

You need a blow out!

So there we were on the OCS – Old Compton Street, Soho’s gayest street – just about to nip into Dodo’s for some chocolate Hob Nobs that turned out to be all stuck together (but them’s the breaks when you buy biscuits from an over-priced convenience store when the price is pre-printed onto the packet – there has to be SOMETHING to explain how they got them cheap somewhere…) Anyway, anyway…

Chatting to Jeremy Joseph of G-A-Y about how great that compilation album of his is doing, we were, when who should come over and join us but Mark Gatiss, of League of Gentlemen and Sherlock and nice summer parties fame, who was just off to launch the re-discovered, formerly lost episodes of Doctor Who. The discovery of formerly lost episodes of Doctor Who from the 60s is apparently equivalent to finding the Dead Sea Scrolls and putting them on DVD according to someone on TV this morning. But we’ve read the Dead Sea Scrolls and we knew who had committed the murder in the library before we’d even got to chapter five, so let’s just say we’re not that impressed.

In short, the discovery of these episodes in someone’s back bedroom in Kenya where they were being used to prop open a built-in wardrobe or somesuch, is apparently a big deal. And up there you can see some yettis from one of these episodes who are about to go down the Tube. Which is so no big deal. As anyone who has ever been on the London Underground will tell you, you can wear what you like and people will still ignore you and just tut if you try and take over the world or whatever.

Anyways, then Jeremy’s puppy bit someone who thought that was a big deal and we went on our merry way, unknowingly carrying chocolate Hob Nobs that would turn out to be inedible. Well, almost inedible. Where there’s a will and all that… True story, that is.

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No, it's not The Nolan Sisters on a reunion tour, it's yettis on the Tube. Phew, right?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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