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No, maybe, yes, no.

No, maybe, yes, no.

This is us playing the ‘Would You Bum…?’ game, in which you work across the page, left to right, and decide whether… we don’t need to spell it out, do we?

It’s particularly fun on the telly listings pages of London’s Evening Standard, as you get a DPS (that’s industry speak for ‘Double Penetration Spread’) with all the days’ selected Telly V stars placed in a handy row. Sometimes we even start on the right!

These particular gennelmen are the sole surviving Wet Wet Wet members in a Dragon’s Den-inspired photo shoot – which is industry speak for ‘photo shoot’ – about to embark on a tour of small-to-medium venues across Her Majesty’s Majestic Britains.

It is to coincide with their Greatest Hits, of which there are quite a few.

First of all, can we just say we have never quite fallen out of love with Marti Pellow in spite of him being quite spindly in real life, and to prove it we’ll embed a Wet Wet Wet video down there and maybe even slip off our designer-imposter workaday chair.

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3 comments to “No, maybe, yes, no.”

  1. Wet Wet Wet is one of my favourite bands of all time.

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  2. The heroin’s taken its toll on dear old Marti.

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  3. And Blue is on the tour, so………beefcake all around? Don’t mind if I do

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