Are these people still alive? Who were they again?

Cheer up, love

From child stars (of what?) to fashion’s coolest designers, says the Net-A-Porter magazine (think QVC for people with money). Because they design their clothes just as Victoria Beckham designs hers. From scratch!

There’s hardly a moment in the day when they’re not sketching, fingering swatches, tying their hair back with scrunchies so they can lean over their latest designs, getting on the phone to Shanghai to say that these fabric samples ‘JUST WON’T DO!’, unpicking a hem that has been done badly, comparing buttons from 17 different countries to get the exact right one, hand-embroidering something or other… You can’t lure them away from their desks not even with cimmanom buns and extra-dry cappuccinos with no milk and no caffeine and no cappuccino.

Those girls sure know how to work in fashion and no mistake. It makes us tired just thinking about it.


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One comment to “Are these people still alive? Who were they again?”

  1. (A) I barely know who they are either.

    (B) A haircut & style wouldn’t go amiss.

    (C) They look like cold & confused OAPs lost at Asda.

    (D) *Eat*. Please. Mangia!

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