And in today’s all-nude sports news…

You'll have someone's [insert body part] with that

He is Andrew Zollner and that’s not his vaulting pole that he’s carrying in his pocket. He’s just pleased to see you.

Now for those not of a nervous disposition, we have some pictures of said Andrew Zollner undraped. But be warned, if your boss considers these pictures SFW then you’re probably working in pornography.

Hold your breath, hold hands and jump…


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And in today's all-nude sports news..., 8.9 out of 10 based on 15 ratings

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3 comments to “And in today’s all-nude sports news…”

  1. I guess there is such a thing as “big dick face”!

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  2. Long schlong! Too long to stand upright!

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  3. damn that’s a long dick. I really wanna suck that

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