The Stonewall Awards. The winners and non-winners.

The Stonewall Awards. The winners and non-winners.

Anyone who is anyone and some people who are no-one at all were at last night’s annual Stonewall Awards – which they really should think about holding every year – at London’s glittering V&A. You can lose yourself in the Miniatures Room!

Attended by the likes of us – and Jodie Harsh and Gok Wan, as screen-grabbed from the Daily Mail up there alongside their usual attention to detail – it celebrates those in the media who have been particularly kind to *checks notes* gays over the past year, with categories including Hero of the Year, Publication of the Year and Bigot of the Year (booo, hiss, booier, hissier). It’s the GLAADs with more wit and less money. And Fizz off Coronation Street.

There now follows the list of winners. We’d write a pithy comment next to each – for example, next to the Antony Cotton one we’d say something like, ‘What, for perpetuating the stereotype that all gay men can’t so much as say “Eileen” without a mince?’ – but we’ve got a train to Paris to catch. Those chocolate-covered croissants don’t get here by themselves!

Hero of the Year (supported by Gender Gap) – Lord Alli and the Russian LGBT Network

Broadcast of the Year – CBBC’s Marrying Mum & Dad

Entertainer of the Year – Antony Cotton (Coronation Street)

Journalist of the Year – Grace Dent (The Independent)

Politician of the Year – Baroness Stowell of Beeston

Publication of the YearMetro

Sports Award of the Year (supported by Paddy Power) – Cardiff Lions

Writer of the Year – Damian Barr (Maggie and Me)

Community Group of the Year (supported by Square Peg Media and the Inclusive Foundation) – Quaker Lesbian & Gay Fellowship

Advert of the Year – Mamas & Papas

Bigot of the Year – Pat Robertson

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