Gaga don’t whine. Especially when you’re talking about Our Glorious Leader.

She’s a big plain girl but her heart – if not always her art – is in the right place.

But Lady Gaga’s constant banging on about Madonna – ‘I don’t want her fucking throne’/’I think she’s more aggravated that I’m not upset that she doesn’t like me’ – is starting to look a little on the desperate side. She’s seen off Tiffany, Kylie AND Dannii, she will see off you.

As for the assertion that Perez Hilton tried to buy two apartments in her block just so that he could harass her… how much money does she think people have that they buy flats in upscale blocks just so they can steal the J2O from outside her front door?

Listen to the interview on the Howard Stern show… it’s just that ‘poor old me’ voice that gets to you.

Honey, j’adore you, j’couldn’t live without you but this nya nya nya has got to stop. Have we got that clear?

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Gaga don't whine. Especially when you're talking about Our Glorious Leader., 3.7 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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5 comments to “Gaga don’t whine. Especially when you’re talking about Our Glorious Leader.”

  1. Your glorious leader. Not mine. And I’m no Gaga fan but didn’t old Cuntface have a part in the latest concert where she ripped into Gaga. Sounds to me like it’s her that can’t get over it not Gaga

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  2. ‘Xactly!
    There never was anything original about MADonna.
    Tired bitch with old lady hands and a flip flop attitude to the gays.
    Its over trout, move on.

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  3. Yeah, what Glitterati and Lex said. Who proclaimed Madonna anyone’s leader? What did she ever do in support of our happy little community (other than provide, for a while, some very nice music for dancing to in our clubs) that helped promote civil rights, or marriage equality, or nondiscrimination in employment, or anti-bullying? Nada. Nothing. Madge has always been about Madge and Madge alone, and it’s the homos projecting their hopes and dreams on her ‘cuz she was, for a while, fabulous. Gaga is a loonytunes, of course (but then, Gaga is Stefani Germanotta in drag, so we don’t know if Stef’s loonytunes, too, really), but while she is also not anybody’s gay leader, at least she got up on her hind feet and spoke out against discrimination in the US military, and for marriage equality, and actually spends her money on an anti-bullying foundation, so yay for her for that. (While we’re at it, she also writes her own songs, and plays instruments, and stuff, which makes Madonna’s squawks about “reductive” interesting, since she didn’t actually create anything herself…) Anyway, it’s silly for the gays to be looking to pop divas as their leaders. Except, of course, for Cher. Here endeth the sermon.

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  4. Shame on u gayboys with short memories, the lezzas still love madonna. Back in the nineties when the pop world was still like a convent, Madge was bringing the lady crotch back into controversial fashion. And she was mates with sandra B who was at least an 85% lezza. Madonna is sexy, Gaga is lumpen.

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  5. Have you lost your mind as well as your looks BitterOldQueen? What has Madonna ever done for the gays? Gimmeabreak. When AIDS was at its vilest and no one wanted anything to do with the gays, she put a safer sex leaflet in Like a Prayer. She’s always spoken out for the gays, even in Russia recently at the risk of arrest. I don’t quite get the Gaga thing but hey, at least she’s a good egg. Kylie, don’t get me started. But Madge has always been on the side of all that’s right and true and gay. There endeth MY sermon.

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