Is it just us or is Gaga starting to get really irritating?

Shut it!

Firstly, it’s Twitter, so you have to read the bottom one first… But you knew that.

Secondly, give it a rest, love. The whining has got to stop, Gags babe. Boo hoo! Poor little multi-squillionairess “artist”. Turns out that not 100% of people cheer her and idolise her and give her tables in restaurants and shower her with praise and flowers and gifts and their sexual organs, when she plainly (emphasis on ‘plain’) doesn’t deserve them.

To get over it, will you do this one thing for us: just try, if you can, to focus on the millions of pounds you pick up for jumping around while other people have to go to boring, soul-destroying jobs in shops and offices and factories the world over, to be used and abused by their bosses, shouted at, threatened with their livelihoods being cut off if they put a step out of line… All to pick up a monthly pay packet that contains what you earn in… the time it took to type those three little dots back there.

And frankly, honey – no really, we do need to talk about this – anyone who goes out in a dress made of meat is surely at least tempting people to point and laugh at her. No?

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Is it just us or is Gaga starting to get really irritating?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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