Now someone we’ve never ever heard of has come out on a YouTube. It’s catching!

Our Australian bum-chums might know him as Australian actor of screen and screen, Harry Cook.

‘I’m gay!’ said Harry, without even adding ‘but of course I still fancy girls’ after it. Modern!

Harry, 22, is apparently best know for playing Geena Davis’s son in Accidents Happen (which at least answers our questions about Geena Davis) and is about to star in not one, not two, but two other things on your telly. One is Old School with Sam Neill, the John Nettles of the Antipodes, the other is Drown, a feature length moving picture about homophobia and love and hair among a group of Australian surfers. So far, so hot.

‘I thought about it for a really long time and really stewed over it,’ admits Harry, wearing his hair to the left.

‘I was like “Oh my God, this could ruin my career.”

‘[But] the title of my job is “actor”. It’s fake, it’s pretend, I’m not me. I know how to play straight – I did it all through high school.’

Harry Cook? Drop trou’ and take a bow.

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Now someone we've never ever heard of has come out on a YouTube. It's catching!, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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