Straight men go gay for gays. It’s kinda hot.

Straight men go gay for gays. It's kinda hot.

So you know how two straight women kissing gets straight men so turned on they slip off their designer-imposter Tiger Tiger bar stools?

Well, two straight men kissing and gay men? Same thing, better stools.

And GQ Germany, which is like all the other GQs only with tiny little spectacles, has this month launched its very own laudable touch-me-in-the-morning campaign to tackle homophobia. It is called Mund Propaganda, which means Mund Propaganda, and it features a whole bunch of German straight male famouses kissing each other. We’ve not heard of a single one of them with just goes to show, it really does.

Those are two of them up there – hot, right? Good hair, right? – and the rest are down there, in moving pictures.

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Straight men go gay for gays. It's kinda hot. , 8.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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