Alan Turing – gay codebreaker who ‘saved the world’ – pardoned by the Queen. Daily Cunt readers not happy. Not at all happy.

Bigger than Santa

Ignoring the whole point of the ongoing struggle for equality, Daily Mail readers are up in bingo-winged arms at the Queen’s pardoning of  Alan Turing, declaring that it’s one rule for the gays and another for normal people, even if this particular gay did help save millions of lives by being very clever with numbers and figures and decoding Nazi messages during the war.

Short history lesson: Mr. Turing was also a gay man back in the day when we may have been fighting for freedom from oppression across Europe but were still doing quite a good job of oppressing sexual minorities back at home. Arrested in 1952 for ‘homosexual activity’, he agreed to undergo a chemical castration to avoid being sent to prison. He later committed suicide.

In a gesture of seasonal goodwill he has received a royal pardon from that pinko Commie-loving ‘why don’t you go and live in Russia if you like it so much’, gay rights extremist otherwise known as Her Majesty the Queen.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had up under the Ugandan laws that were in place sixty years ago could get a bit of royal pardon-ness as well now?


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Alan Turing - gay codebreaker who 'saved the world' - pardoned by the Queen. Daily Cunt readers not happy. Not at all happy., 10.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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