Russia reviews Europe’s human rights record. It’s not looking good for us. Too many ‘queer’ rights, apparently


Vladimir Putin, pictured here with his wife, and apparently no stranger to cosmetic fillers, is presiding over a Russia that apart from being apparently devoid of taste (honeys, easy on the bling) and decency, has singled out the gays as public enemy number one.

Now, as those Sochi Olympics are imminent and Pussy Cat Dolls or Rioters or something are being released into the streets in a move to make Russia look less like the medieval state it really is and killer whales are being captured and placed into very small tanks for the amusement of visitors (the way a society treats animals is a very good sign of how they treat humans), Russia has decided to fight back against slights on their human rights record. And, you guessed it, the gays are singled out for special mention. Well, we say ‘gays’, their official document prefers the word ‘queers’. Nice people! Attractive too.

Apparently, we Euros have been so busy pushing our ‘alien view of homosexuality and same-sex marriages as a norm of life’ – you might know it as ‘equality’ – that we’re doing nothing against the rise in xenophobia, nationalism and chauvinism. Perhaps the person who wrote that might like to look up the word ‘chauvinism’ in his dictionary. If Russia hasn’t already burnt all the books, that is.


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Russia reviews Europe's human rights record. It's not looking good for us. Too many 'queer' rights, apparently, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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  1. The way a society treats humans is a clue on how they treat humans. Stalin pretty much gets the win for genocidal efficiency. Why people don’t believe this could happen again (especially to the gay community) escapes me. It must be the puppy.

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