American Vogue in quite good cover alert!

She so quirky!

Look, it’s Lena Dunham off-of Girls, which is starting its third series/season, ooh, next week? In the UK, that is?

We have seen the first three and we can exclusively (listen, you can use the word ‘exclusively’ wherever you like these days. Doesn’t mean it’s exclusive)… exclusively reveal that it’s actually quite good. While in the second season/series, she was starting to work us a little, we find that in this she is less quirky (good!), less willing to get her non-tits out (very good!) and more generous with the English girl, who is the best (and is related to Alice Duvall, app’rently).

On the minus side, that awful thrashy guitarry indie music that finishes every episode. We get it. You’re hipster. Can’t we just have some plinky plonk?

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American Vogue in quite good cover alert!, 2.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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  1. she’s a right feminist cunt.
    i hate her. she is bad for all men. any men.
    this thing.

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