Look at this highly hilarious joke about killing gays!

Nice people!

It appeared on a nice anti-gay Facebook page (which Facebook apparently refuse to remove) called Heterosexual Awareness Month (as if we don’t have that filth rubbed in our faces and pushed down our throats all the time).

‘Here’s a fun little children’s book,’ they quipped on the post – those guys! Seriously! They should get their own show. Or maybe their own show trial – ‘We probably won’t leave it up as it will get flagged like crazy by the very very very sensitive folks that seem to monitor our page and can’t take a joke.’

Well, we find it a fine upstanding kind of joke and we might never stop laughing. Or is that start? And we look forward to more. Maybe a nice racist rape joke or something. Come on guys. Keep them coming!

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Look at this highly hilarious joke about killing gays! , 8.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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2 comments to “Look at this highly hilarious joke about killing gays!”

  1. “DADDY killed a homosexual at the highway rest area” — Perhaps your Daddy would not have evolved into a murderous sociopath if he would have just accepted who he is … instead of marrying some poor unsuspecting woman and managing to father children … while still trolling for dick at rest stops & then murdering those men. Just saying.

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  2. Is it just me, or does the young boy have the look of Jason Voorhees about him? And is that Myra Hindley jnr sitting next to him?

    Chilling or what…

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