If you see this man in a gay bar, have him removed. Immediately. With immediate effect.

Those of us with a sound mind would, when confronted by the Daily Cunt’s Sunday Edition, also known as The Cunt on Sunday, also known as BDSM for the reading classes, would have pointed, laughed (ol, even!), scorned, ridiculed, stuck one finger up (two, even!), turned around, touched the ground then laughed some more at one of the lowest, most peevish, most paranoid and most farcically homophobia-mongering pieces this paper has ever published. And that particular barrel has been scraped, plucked, Immac’d, rebuilt and scraped some more. Heck, that barrel’s stuck on a Yo Sushi! loop.

It was this – paraphrased as ‘The gays caused the floods’ – and it was written by Ben Ellery, here seen holding a pink cat.

Ben – hair even a mother couldn’t love – has all the hallmarks of a *checks notes* cunt. Sure, we’re aware of the bullying tactics of his employer – Sir Stephen Fry does an eloquent job of ripping them a new arsehole in just such a vein here – but Ben? Let’s just say a chin tells a thousand tales.

Now, this man Ben. He may or may not be gay. He may or may not be posh. He may or may not own a Some People Are Gay. Get Over It! mug (yes we did create that slogan, thanks for the re-mind. Yes we are chuffed. And Ben, a government department’s gotta drink out of something, why not make it out of something kicky, fresh, life-affirming? Would you have a similar grievance were an MP drinking out of a Some People Are Black. Get Over It! mug, hmmmn?) but sometimes the stereotype fits the pot and/or kettle. Let’s just say, if he is gay, well. And well again.

You see – and pay attention here, you might learn something – Daily Cunt journalists (loosest sense of the word, you know the drill) have a choice when it comes to bylines. They may or may not use their names. They may, if they’re appalled by even how low they’ve stooped, cop out with ‘Daily Mail reporter’. Ben Ellery didn’t, which speaks volumes. Unlike his hair.

Oh but credit where credit’s due. Ben Ellery wasn’t alone is his gay baiting. He was joined by none other than someone else entirely, whose name is Simon Murphy and whose picture, also via Twitter, is below. Let’s just bear in mind this is the best he has ever looked.

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If you see this man in a gay bar, have him removed. Immediately. With immediate effect., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Christians these days-
    So lazy!
    Get building that ark bitches.

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  2. It’s a storm in a tea-cup!

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