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Awks babes.

Awks babes.

Never one to miss a tired old bandwagon, London’s glittering Joan Collins OBE (ditch the OBE at your peril. We’ve seen the wrong end of this woman’s designer-imposter stiletto) has gone all selfie on her lily-white ass and done one of her and her showbiz chums at an event last night for the Prince’s Trust.

Everyone who is everyone and some people who are no-one at all were in it, including, in no particular order of mediocrity, some bird off the telly, another bird off the telly, and the presenter of All Star Family Fortunes. Propping up the integrity are Sir Ben Kingsley, Dominic West, Luke Evans (straight apparently) and Jeremy Irons. To your right may or may not be a PR in florals, currently milking her arm like there’s no tomorrow or, indeed, the day after.

And Pixie Lott, who defies all categorisation.

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