Nene Leakes. No, not a bladder infection but a star of the reality TV. Damn right, bitch!

She ain't nothin' but tra-yash

We thought we had seen it all when we watched the hour-long special on Nene Leakes off-of Real Housewives of Atlanta sat up in bed at The Standard in West Hollywood on New Year’s Eve with snacks.

There we learnt that the honey-monster had once been a lap-dancer (surely she would break most laps!) and a model, though, we learnt she hadn’t been able to make ends meet working as a model. Really? Can that possibly be true? Maybe she didn’t have a good agent.

Anyways, it all came right when Nene married someone with money. His name is Greg, he looks a little like Berry Gordy and we think she met him at the lap-dancing club but we were calling down for room service at that bit so we can’t say with total certainty. Anyways, one wedding and one divorce later, someone at Bravo came up with the idea of Nene getting married again. To the same sucker!

Now she has her own show dedicated to that wedding. It’s called I Dream of Nene: The Wedding. And when it comes to shouting and false eye-lashes and finger pointing and someone else’s hair and hoop earrings and verbs used in the third person without ‘s’ on the end and the word ‘bridesmaids’ pronounced ‘bri’maid’ and hooker shoes and teeth whiter than toilet bowls, there really is nothing to touch it. It would have been Rosa Parks’ favourite show, of that we are sure.

Anyway we certainly wouldn’t cross Nene but we think someone should.

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Nene Leakes. No, not a bladder infection but a star of the reality TV. Damn right, bitch!, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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