Vandalising art in the name of Jesus

Nice work!

This is Prada Marfa, a work by Elmgreen & Dragset, gay artists specialising in installations. It’s in the middle of the desert and it is a Prada store that was supposed to disintegrate and be reclaimed by nature. You can see what they’re getting at, arts-wise.

And it was something of a tourist attraction until some morons came and vandalised it. In the name of developing nations and Jesus and shoes and… oh, some other stuff.

A pamphlet found at the scene of the crime said: ‘TOMS Marfa will bring greater inspiration to consumer Americans to give all they have to developing nations that suffer disease starvation and corruption. So long as you buy TOMS shoes, and endorse Jesus Christ as your savior, welcoming the ‘white’ him into your heart. So help you God, otherwise you’re damned to hell.’

TOMS – those ugly shoes with the lumps on the bottom – denied all knowledge as did developing nations and Jesus. Whoever did it, they’re great communicators ’cause we really get the message. No, but really.

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  1. I heard Jesus was bitch like that, himself. When he was young and angry, of course

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