Ooh, look at Her Majesty’s new £1 coin!


Some facts about this new coin…

1. It is based on the old threepenny – or thrupny – bit.

2. Thrupny bits is cockney rhyming slang for tits.

3. It is made of two different metals like the £2 coin.

4. It is the hardest coin in the world to forge.

5. The current £1 has been in circulation for 30 years.

6. It has a 3% forgery rate.

7. That means there are £450 million worth of fakes in circulation.

8. The new one comes in in 2017.

9. There is a public competition to decide what goes on the other side. Oh no!

10. We love the Queen.

Now, you see, you are cleverer than you were 30 seconds ago.

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Ooh, look at Her Majesty's new £1 coin!, 8.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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  1. What has the queen ever done for the gays?
    Except make her youngest one.

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