‘Eurovision has become a hotbed of sodomy,’ says Russia. ‘Has become’?

The work of *checks notes* the devil

You Europeans and your gays and your wicked ways are turning the stomachs of decent Russians, Ukrainians and Belarussians (if that’s a nationality, or even a country). The reason? Reasons like this up here. The Austrian entry known as Conchita Wurst.

In fact, so serious are they about it that they have got up a petition to have Conchita excluded. Or, at the very least, killed.

‘The popular international competition that our children will be watching has become a hotbed of sodomy at the initiation of the European liberals,’ they said, despite the fact they joined the Eurovision community two years after Israeli trans artist Dana International won the competition in 1998.

‘Russia is one of the only European countries that has managed to maintain normal and healthy family values based on love and mutual support between MEN and WOMEN,’ they continued, going crazy with those capital letters. ‘That is why we are against the Eurovision 2014 to be broadcast in Russia.’

Or instead of banning the broadcast, how about – just off the top of our heads – you FUCK RIGHT OFF (you see, you’re not the only ones can use capitals). Then we won’t have to put up with your repellant singing grannies and your treacherous in-voting, cheating bastards.


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'Eurovision has become a hotbed of sodomy,' says Russia. 'Has become'?, 9.3 out of 10 based on 13 ratings

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2 comments to “‘Eurovision has become a hotbed of sodomy,’ says Russia. ‘Has become’?”

  1. is she Mr Cloony’s new girlfiend?

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  2. Could someone kindly point me towards this hotbed of sodomy? I’ve never been able to find it and I could do with some sodomy, thank you kindly.

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