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Dionne off-of Clueless has joined Fox News – the cunty one – as a ‘political contributor’. We’ll be the judge of that.

Dionne off-of Clueless has joined Fox News - the cunty one - as a 'political contributor'. We'll be the judge of that.

Turns out, ladies and germs, that Stacey Dash, who played Dionne in the greatest film ever made, is a Republican. She even admits to it! So far, so retarded. However, that bastion of paranoid cuntiness, Fox News, has only gone and employed her as a political pundit or talking head or c) and/or d).

‘Stacey is an engaging conversationalist whose distinctive viewpoints among her Hollywood peers have spawned national debates – we’re pleased to have her join Fox News,’ said network executive Bill Shine, hush hush, eye to eye.

So, while we’re being the judge of whether Stacey Dash, last seen and/or heard of in Nora’s Hair Salon 2: A Cut Above, inspires national debate among her Hollywood peers, let’s watch some real debating in action…



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Here’s that Jennifer Lopez video with David Gandy in it.

The voice is thinner than hair, the video is page 3 of Music Videos for Dummies, the song is ctrl+alt+shift and we need a goddamn drink.


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Selfie du Jour, West End edition

Selfie du Jour, West End edition

Alistair Brammer, who is in Miss Saigon in London’s glittering Soho as we speak. You should see the dollies queuing up for day release tickets as we speak.

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Let’s take a moment to hear Dolly Parton’s new song

Just a day in the life of a hard-working superstar.

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Russell Tovey shirtless

Don't stop there!

We wouldn’t have him any other way. Oh yes we would, we’d have him every which way.

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And in today’s breaking onesie news…

Not afraid of colour!

Lemon. Smart for town. NB Always remember and never forget that colour is your friend.

And that concludes today’s in-depth onesie news…

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And in today’s sports news…

Nice, isn't it, the blue and gold?

American soccer.

And that concludes today’s sports news…

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Selfie du jour

Totally ridick!
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