To celebrate Adele’s 26th birthday, an epic performance and a personal anecdote

We had gone along to interview her in her dressing room at a TV studio. A very non-smoking dressing room. She proceeded to enjoy many a fag by blowing the smoke into an empty Evian bottle that she would re-screw after every puff.

When studio folks detected her secretive fagging, she crawled on hands and knees, cigarette in mouth, into a smoking area outside so that some waiting photographers wouldn’t spot her. A bit like the time she was being called to the stage at her own showcase but wanted to finish the pint we were enjoying at the bar…

A class act if ever we’ve seen one. Happy birthday duchess!

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To celebrate Adele's 26th birthday, an epic performance and a personal anecdote, 6.4 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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