‘Ullo Liz! Gotta new motor?

Shut that door!

Here it is. HMTQ’s new little runaround as unveiled today for the State Opening of Parliament feat. Black Rod (who’s not even black!) Smart for town, isn’t it?

It is her Diamond Jubilee State Carriage and it contains artifacts scavenged from a variety of sources: a rivet from The Flying Scotsman, a sliver of wood from Scott of the Antarctic’s sledge, a wood chip from a cathedral here, a coaster from a royal palace there, some sweet wrappers found in Anne Boleyn’s cell at the Tower of London, some Crocs believed to have been worn by Charles I on his way to execution. Nice though.

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'Ullo Liz! Gotta new motor?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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