Is this the new Soho House? That’s Soho with a small ‘h’, American friends.

Imagine the gnats!

Nothing fills us with quite the same horror as the idea of a weekend at Babington House, Soho House’s country retreat in Somerset. Imagine all the wankers that fill the city versions of the ever-expanding members’ club in a secluded rural setting. Probably with their children. Shouting. Both the parents and the children. Oof!

Well, for those who do like that sort of thing here’s another sort of thing they can also like: a mini Soho House in the middle of the countryside. You know where the back of beyond is? Well, behind that. And then round a little.

It’s being fashioned in the abandoned buildings of an old farmhouse, accommodations will be in little cabins in the woods along the course of a stream and there will be a cooking school and a children’s house. There will, however, be very little service to speak of as the locals – quite rightly – feel it’s not their destiny to bow and scrape to a bunch of addled London toss-pots.

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Is this the new Soho House? That's Soho with a small 'h', American friends., 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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