We do love them bad boys!


Look at this naughty boy! Suspected of a series of armed robberies and shootings, he is called Jeremy Meeks, he is 30 and he likes piña coladas and walks in the rain, he’s not much into health food but he’s into champagne.

As soon as police in somewhere in America (listen, we’re a little pushed busy-wise and workie is out getting us scone, jam and cream truffles from Paul A. Young in Wardour Street…) posted the mug-shot, they were inundated with reactions.

‘After his picture was posted on the Internet by police it quickly attracted 30,000 “likes” on Facebook and nearly 10,000 comments,’ said the Daily Torygraph. ‘Mostly from women.’ And if you believe that…

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  1. He’d rip you in half & leave you for dead.

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