Look who’s coming back to Coronation Street! Yay!

Eh oop chook!

We wouldn’t usually post about the telly-v, especially now everyone has got really boring about it and is always on about how Breaking Bad is today’s equivalent of The Godfather or The House Bunny or whatever. But when it comes to Coronation Street, well, that’s quite a different matter.

And so it is our pleasure and honour, we feel humbled and blessed and all those other things people feel only when they’re on Facebook, to announce that Cilla is returning to Coro! No, not that ‘all my best friends are gay’, Shadow Lounge-haunting Tory crone Cilla Black with her melting face and fake Scouse accent but the real Cilla as played by Wendi (with an ‘i’, and if that’s not kicky and fresh, we don’t know what is) Peters (no relation to Andi, despite the ‘i’).

Our only question is, now that they’ve made Beth into the new Cilla (as they always do on Coronation Street: it’s called recycling and it is a good thing), how’s it going to be with those two in the same room? Hmmm?

Oh, and please let’s hope this doesn’t mean they’re bringing back Les Battersby. Unless it’s so he can kill Leanne.

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