OMG, Princess Anne is a big ol’ lez! Let’s look at the evidence…

OMG, Princess Anne is a big ol' lez! Let's look at the evidence...

Princess Anne, daughter of Her Maj, Princess of the Royal, Olympic rider of horses and harder than your average nail, has always been one of our favourite HRHs. And, it turns out – owing to the blindingly obvious – she might just be what is known in showbusiness as a big old lesbian. These are the reasons for why. Oh and before anyone comes out of a bag on us, some of our closest friends are les-beans. How the hell do you think we get these stains out?

– The no style hair style.

– The sensible shoes.

– The taking of absolutely NO shit when being ambushed by IRA scum on London’s glittering The Mall, right in front of Momma’s house.

– The chunky keys.

– The beards. By which we mean the husbands. By which we mean the beards.

– The refusal to give her children royal titles. So lesbo-cratic.

– The complete lack of any style whatsoever.

– Sports. All of them.

– DIY. You should’ve seen Gatcombe Park before she ripped it a new arsehole.

– That Blue Peter safari with Valerie Singleton *pats hair*

– And c) and d)

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OMG, Princess Anne is a big ol' lez! Let's look at the evidence..., 8.6 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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