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Homophobe now in charge of stamping out homophobia. How’s that work then?


Meet madam here. Her name is Nicky Morgan and she is the new Michael Gove. Hooray, you say. No.

You see, while Michael Gove – person in charge of education, everyone: funny little character. Thought it was 1943 and Britain still had an empire – was pretty inept, endlessly tinkering with all the bits and bobs of bringing up children to be clever and kind, at least he wasn’t a homophobe.

Whereas Nicky Morgan, now elevated to the cabinet in order for the Conservatives to look cleverer and kinder than they actually are, voted against equal marriage. Meaning she is against equality. And, in an ironic twist that just goes to show how things work, she has also been put in charge of equality.

Yes, you read that right: someone who doesn’t believe in equality is now in charge of it. And someone as ignorant as a sheet of Formica is now in charge of education. Now that’s what we call a reshuffle.

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Homophobe now in charge of stamping out homophobia. How's that work then?, 9.0 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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  1. I think it works in a similar way to putting someone who’s against green energy in charge of the environment.

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