Our favourite Honey Monster has her own clothing line!

So pwetty!

This is Real HouseTrouts of Atlanta NeNe Leakes (which, yes, does sound like a bladder infection) on the beautiful occasion of her wedding, in itself a very touching affair: when it came to the part of the ceremony when she was asked whether she took the poor old man who she had suckered ‘for richer or poorer’, she ‘repeated’, ‘For richer or for more richer. I don’t do no poorer…’ Gets you right here, doesn’t it? *indicates anatomy around lower stomach region*

Well, during a Twitter spat with Wendy Williams (no idea) about the fact that she’s been writing on her Hermes Birkin bag with felt-tip pens… well, she does have five (you know she don’t do no poorer), she announced that she has a clothing line coming soon on Home Shopping Network, which is where we get pretty much everything we’re standing up in right now (even though we’re sitting down).

‘I really love fashion,’ said NeNe, Neen to her friends, despite all the evidence to the contrary. ‘I’m very much a fashion girl…’ Fashion, however, chooses to differ.

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Our favourite Honey Monster has her own clothing line!, 5.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Looks like her tiara’s slipped, poor luv. Still, like the 20s bob.

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