We’re livin’ n lovin’ this Sophie Webster/Nando’s story with undercurrents of lesbianism. Heck, they’re overcurrents!

We're livin' n lovin' this Sophie Webster/Nandos story with undercurrents of lesbianism. Heck, they're overcurrents!

Ruth Challis and Rosy Cooper – 18, 19 and with matching initials to boot – are big fans of Coronation Street’s Sophie Webster. So much so, they decided to treat themselves to a little real-time with the actress who plays the Street’s hottest lesbean, Brooke Vincent, for their joint birthdays.

They booked Brooke for a PA in Manchesterford (which is showbusiness speak for ‘personal appearance oop north’) at a cost of £2,000, and spent six months saving to pay for it.

The date was set, the girls were giddy in a way we couldn’t possibly imagine, and Brooke was all set for what she thought was just another corporate gig at over at Nando’s. It’s this bread ‘n’ butter peri peri shit that pays for the nights down Deansgate!

But when Brooke turned up at the central Manchesterford – what are we calling this, restaurant? – under the impression she’d spend an hour or so doing cartwheels for light relief then leg it, she found just Ruth and Rosy sat a table, waiting, fingering some marimacho peas in anticipation.

And rather than throwing some showbiz strop, Brooke took it all in her stride, sat down with the girls, had her chippy tea and split the bill. Then, upon discovering the two RCs had saved two grand to pay for the privilege, Brooke refunded that too.

‘Had the pleasure of meeting these two beautiful young ladies today. Thank you for a lovely day. Happy birthday,’ Brooke later Tweeted, like she hadn’t already done enough. Which rhymes with muff.

Gets you right there, right?


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We're livin' n lovin' this Sophie Webster/Nando's story with undercurrents of lesbianism. Heck, they're overcurrents! , 8.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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