Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett do ‘Anything Goes’ and it ain’t none too shabby! Here’s what he said to us about her and Bieber

It’s ‘Anything Goes’, it’s the first single from their album of standards and while we don’t get the Cher wig and find her a little shouty on this – though there is a flavour of the madness of an early Liza, we would venture – when we spoke to Tony Bennett in his New York studio earlier this year, he had nothing but praise…

‘She’s very good,’ he said. Very good indeed. ‘She’s very close to Ella Fitzgerald who I consider the best in the world and she sings wonderfully…’ Not too sure we’d go quite that far… ‘She was wonderful. A terrific person and very talented.’

But Mr. B does know how to choose them. We suggested maybe a duet with Justin Bieber, who always seems such a nice young man/total twanny [delete as applicable] at which he laughed… ‘Well, he’s got his thing and I’ve got mine. I just stay away from him. I’m old enough now to know to stay away from trouble.’

And talent vacuums.

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Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett do 'Anything Goes' and it ain't none too shabby! Here's what he said to us about her and Bieber, 7.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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