This woman from Christian Concern – who apparently thinks Jesus wants her to dress like this – doesn’t want brainwashing in schools. No way, no how!

It's the new Bacara!

Andrea Williams of Christian Concern, pictured on the right fondling the cross of the woman clearly very distraught at the idea she can’t wear that cross to work, is livid! Livid, we say! Can’t sit still she’s that angry. And not just because her hair is a fucking mess and she applies make-up like a Christian either. And do we not think Jesus might want one extra button done up on that semi-transparent blouse?

No, she is livid because Stonewall want to introduce the idea of non-traditional families to small children, many of whom live in *checks notes* non-traditional families.

‘Those who want to turn the world on its head have often tried to manipulate the state education system to achieve their ends,’ she said. Because apparently Christians have always left the state education system well alone. They have not demanded that entire schools should be set up in the name of Baby Jesus Christ Our Lord. And they have never sought to manipulate the intake of those publicly funded schools, banning all whose parents don’t turn up at church. Neither have they ever brainwashed children with a load of old bollocks about dead men rising, waves parting, virgins having children and water being turned into wine (though we would like more investigation into that last idea). Wouldn’t even think of such things? What do they look like? Communists?

‘The ideological propaganda machine of Stonewall continues to gain momentum and the manipulating of the state education system is a key part of their strategy,’ she went on. Know what? Christians should take a leaf out of Stonewall’s book and see if they can’t get their voices heard within the education system.

What do you say to that, Andrea? Or are you too busy applying eyeliner to have taken it in?

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This woman from Christian Concern - who apparently thinks Jesus wants her to dress like this - doesn't want brainwashing in schools. No way, no how!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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