If James Blunt’s knob is as big of a knob as James Blunt is, no wonder those high society tarts like him so much


Here is James Blunt, the well-known knob. And not in a good way.

Yesterday he showed his true colours. And those colours weren’t pretty.

What it is is… in an interview, Labour MP Chris Bryant made the simple point that privileged people have privileges. Rich people in the media, he said, were at an advantage over poor people as they could afford such things as drama school and could do endless internships because their parents can afford to pay the rent on their tiny flats just off Sloane Square. Seems fair enough. Rich people tend to be able to afford things poor people can’t. Was it even worth saying?

Cue famously privileged person James Blunt, pictured here passing wind and trying not to follow through, coming out of the box, immediately calling Mr. Bryant a ‘classist gimp’. Gimp, in case you can’t be bothered to go to your Oxford English Dictionary, means ‘disabled person’.

‘Your envy-based ideas make our country crap,’ he said, though we didn’t actually realise our country was crap. Because if you ever bring up the subject of the privileges of the privileged, you are envious and classist (though the privileged openly laughing at chavs and being rude to waitresses aren’t classist. Not at all. They just have a great sense of humour and expect the working classes to work hard). And if you bring up the subject of the privileges of the privileged and happen to have gone to a private school yourself – like Mr. Bryant – you are a hypocrite.

Well, in that case, bring on the envious and the hypocrites. And let the likes of Mr. Blunt go back to whine, women and song.


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