We’ve not gone, we’ve just been *checks notes* lazy bastards.

Oh hello.

It’s come to our attention that we’ve barely been arsed to put pen to dolly Content Management System and update London’s glittering Me Me Me for close to a month. The reason for this is that we’re redesigning and your new singin’, dancin’ and bummin’ Me Me Me will be with you soon. Ish. And we just got distracted in the meantime by, in no particular order, Christmas, a ‘research’ trip to Berlin that runneth over, some boy who turned out to be a cunt, another one of those, the moon and the stars, vodka, more vodka (always a splash of lime, we’re not animals), actual journalistic work which apparently pays the bills, this really cute kitten, the view out of our office window, and c) and d).

Anyway, here’s David Walliams’ former-glittering Lara Stone on a Vogue Australia shoot practically with full tit ‘n’ minge out, alongside some gennelman with shoulder length hair, a Roman nose, nipples tinier than your average button and a penis in white speedos. It’s shit like this we’ve been crying out for.

We've not gone. We've just been *checks notes* lazy bastards.

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  1. Glad you’re back lads.

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