Outrage as middle-aged telly men perv over pictures of girls in their bra and panties

There was outrage – as in outRAGE – when GMTV/GMB/That Shit on ITV of a Morning announced a new competition where young women were being exhorted to send in pictures of themselves in their underwear so that some middle-aged male TV presenters could perv over them.

‘I’m not one of the judges but I’ll be casting my eye over those as they come in…’ said Piers Morgan with a bit of a leer. Horrible, right? Pervy, sexist and tacky, especially for Cheerios-time in the morning.

Except it wasn’t women being asked to send in their panties shots. It was men. And the middle-aged pervs weren’t men. They were women. Women along the lines of top broadcasters Lorraine Kelly and Lisa Snowden. Oh, well that’s all right then. No harm done. Nothing to see here, ladies and gentlemen. As you were.

And while we’re on the subject, can you imagine a lesbian club – let’s call it L-E-Z – where teenage lezzies were asked to strip naked in front of some middle-aged straight sleb has-beens ? Perhaps Jeremy Clarkson. Or Steve-Wright-in-the-afternoon. No. Nor can we, G-A-Y.

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  1. Seems a funny comment for a site that does nothing but perv over men in their pants… but fair point. What’s saucy for the goose and all that.

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