Holiday (celebrate)


Tighten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy future for flying if this lot have their way

Squish up a bit, would you?

So you know how unpleasant it is to sit on one of those seats on the bus where you’re facing someone (yep, some of us go on the bus)? And they’re eyeballing you, and knocking your knees with their knees, and spilling their shopping all over your so-far pristine desert boots and looking at your package (OK, so we admit we do that too…) Well, how do you fancy that for four hours on your way to Mykonos? Depends who it is? Yeah, we hear you, sister.

Anyway, that’s the latest idea to save money by squishing us up on flights. Inspired by the way they fly soldiers hither and yon (imagine package watching on those flights!), it’s the brain child (with the emphasis on the ‘child’ rather than the ‘brain’) of Design Q, who admit it ain’t ideal but if we want those fares to stay (stay?) cheap, then it’s a viable option.

What we want to know is, how will they get those EasyTrolleys down without kneecapping everyone? Hmmm?

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Hello Dali

Steppin' out

Now, that’s clever. While we in glittering London have to put up with McDonald’s advertising on the sides of steps as you walk up from the Tube, over in the U.S and A (Philadelphia Museum of the Arts to be exact) they are welcoming folks to their Dali museum by rolling him out on a red carpet. We likeee.

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Bang on at The Standard NYC!

Bang on!

We love a sexual pun. It’s big and it’s very clever, and when it involves The Standard, just about our favouritest hotel, well, we hate to say chain so let’s say Hermès chunky choker, in the world, it’s big and it’s clever and it’s very very long.  

And bless those lovely Standard people. Not only have they gone and opened a hotel right where we wanted them to open a hotel (down Meatpacking way, NYC. Which we brought your dolly attention to a wee while back), but while they put the finishing tweaks and touches, polishing knobs and putting oil where oil needs to go they’re offering you, the hotel punter, a special rate starting at $195 per night.

OK, for we Brits with the current exchangery that works out at a wheelbarrow-load of cash, but come on, it’s not bad. And you won’t get anything as nice for that price in Manhattan. And if that rooftop pool hosts anything like the kind of parties that go down at the West Hollywood version, we’ll be on sunloungering from dusk till dawn and right through to dusk again. Via a little go-see at Mr Blacks, mostly to touch up our favourite barman with the ‘tache.

Go to to book your suite… We-thank-you. 

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Can we use the occasion of Virgin Atlantic’s 25th anniversary to say how very much we love that airline?

You go, girls!

OK, so it harks back a bit to the ‘I’m Mandy, fly me’ days of selling your airline on the fact that the stewardesses are hot, but then with Virgin Atlantic they really ARE hot (even the guys, especially the one with the beard who gave us great, erm, after service once we’d arrived in New York that time).

And besides, the new ad to celebrate the quarter century with its flavours of an old Robert Palmer video is funny and sexy and nostalgic (Our Price records! Wimpy bars! Mobile phones so big you could probably ride them!). It even – dare we say it – gives us a little patriotic flutter deep withinside of ourselves.

Whatever, we personally wouldn’t fly with anyone else. Unless we were going somewhere they didn’t fly, obviously, or had managed to bag a free ticket on another airline.

Anyways, see it for yourself over the jumpsy… (more…)

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Just when you thought Dubai couldn’t possibly get any tackier, Versace moves in…

The height of luxury/decadence/naff

It’s got hotels that look like yachts, underwater bedrooms, a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree… and now it’s got a Versace hotel complete with a refrigerated beach. Oh, and draconian anti-gay laws!

Yes, Dubai, that grubby bit of desert that has been turned into a grubby version of Las Vegas only without the fun, will soon be host to a very Vegas-style hotel from the people that brought you silken shirts covered in bright coloured swirly bits.

The Palazzo Versace is going to tackle the problem of 50-degree temperatures by laying refridgerated pipes under the beach so you can walk across without the benefit of a flip-flop and is even talking about installing blowers to recreate the illusion of a sea-breeze.

Here’s a crazy idea, just off the top of our heads: why not build your hotel somewhere less inhospitable (and we’re not just talking about the temperatures!)? You know, somewhere the climate is actually appropriate for human beings?

It’ll all be ready late next year. And what’s that you say? Greenhouse gasses? Oh, knickers to that.

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Look at our new New York apartment, which is nearly finished!

We'll take our usual suite on the 15th

Now, you know us. There’s not a lot that can supercede a sunny Sunday afternoon with something sticky and sweet by the pool at The Standard West Hollywood. Over-excited girls dancing on their deckchairs, men in ridiculously voluminous swimwear (apart from us Euros), waiters dotting around feeding us Frenchie fries and mini bottles of our very own tomato ketchup.

But what about when we’re in New York? Thankfully, the master (and mistress) minds behind The Standard where the Sex and the City gals stayed when they went to LA have decided to build this big old bugger and call it *thinks with pencil balanced in corner of mouth* The Standard New York.

It’s big, it’s bold, it’s blinding location-wise a small cobble-streeted swagger from your Alex McQueens and your Stelios McCartneys and your Pastis ‘mine’s a minute steak and don’t make me wait too long’ Brasserie. And it opens for paying punters – such as yourself – from next Wednesday 10th December with an opening offer of under $200 for a room.

As those funny Americans like to say: check it out!

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Our new pied a terre when in gay Pareeeee!

We are smoking a fag!

There’s not a lot we won’t do for Philippe Starcke, not since we turned up at his Paris apartment to interview him and he opened the door wearing nothing but a sarong with some fairly sizeable design equipment clearly visible underneath (an accident, surely!)

Which is why when we go to Paris, we’ll be trying his brand new hotel called adorably Mama Shelter. Cunningly located in the 20th arrondissement (no, us neither – we still need a Metro station to know where the HELL we are), to the east of Bastille and boyztown aka the Marais (near Jean Paul Gaultier’s atelier, if we’re not mistaken).

The themery of the hotel is grafitti meaning there’s scrawling on the ceiling near the bar saying ‘Let’s trash the place!’ Let’s indeed! While above the reception is written ‘Can we hire a room by the hour?’ To which we imagine the answer is ‘Non!’

We’ve not been there so we can’t say quite how gorgeous it is. But going by the pictures over the jump it’s quite to very gorgeous… (more…)

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You know how most hotels at airports make you want to leap in front of an oncoming 747 (ideally Virgin or Singapore Airlines)? This one doesn’t. Premier Inn ‘n’ chums, please take note(s).

Totally not Travelodge.

There really is never – never ever ever ever – an excuse for bad design. Ever. Margaret Thatcher naturally would’ve let ’em stick a prefab in Buck House gardens for a quick buck, but ding-dong that witch is almost out of our lives and the legacy of construction based on who you know rather than is it any good should be long gone. And yes, that was just an excuse to say ‘ding-dong’. Naturally we now have the heinous problem of Boris Johnson regulating London architecture so we may as well have Basil Brush at the helm (this is going somewhere, by the way), but ding-dong that one should be out of our lives in three years. And yes, that was just an excuse to say ‘ding-dong’. And ‘heinous’.

Our point? You can have a budget hotel without it looking like the work experience shat out the design. We give you Exhibit A: CitizenM, the first of a series of hotels by, well, CitizenM recently opened at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport. And it’s lovely.

The concept behind CitizenM is to ditch all unnecessary costs and provide luxury on a budget. Each room is built off site, then stacked like shipping containers to form the hotel. It just so happens the design is clean and sophisticated, but you don’t have to pay through your snout to afford it – rooms start at 68 Euros a night.

The second CitizenM, near Amsterdam’s World Trade Centre, is close to finishing. More are planned for London, Glasgow, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Milan, to name a few. International domination of the budget market’s damned near a given. (more…)

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